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Aesthetic fillings

High- quality materials that have a „chameleon“ effect (they assume the color of natural teeth)and thus allow the filling to look excatly the same as your tooth looked before the occurance of caries.

Root canal treatment

This procedure involves the removal of the nerve of the tooth with deep caries and where there is an irreversible inflammation of the tooth nerve. This procedure is also applied in cases of traumatic fracture of the tooth crown, in order to preserve the root and after completion of therapy to compensate the lost tooth crown.

Extracting inadequate root canal filling

Sometimes it happens that, after removing the nerve, the root canal filling was not done according to the rules of the profession. It is then necessary to make a revision of the root canal filling in order to eliminate the pain or tooth sensitivity.

Conservative dentistry and endodontics - Leo.Š.

Aesthetic fillings