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Sometimes it can happen with the multiple-root tooth due to illness/trauma, that one of the roots must be removed. Before, such a tooth was sentenced to extraction, today however, in the age of modern dentistry, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. It is sufficient to remove the damaged root only, and other roots can serve as ceramic crown carriers.



In cases where there is extensive inflammation at the tip of the root which cannot be cured by conservative treatments, the solution is a small surgical procedure that removes the inflamed tissue along with the apical part of the root. In this way we save the tooth that would otherwise be condemned to extraction.



Small surgical procedure which removes cysts from the upper or lower jaw.


Complicated tooth extraction

This procedure involves extraction of the tooth in fragments due to morphological characteristics or heavy destruction caused by caries.


Installation of the artificial bone

Artificial bone is being installed in cases when it is necessary to increase the bone volume, due to an implant placement.


Sinus lift

When there is a vertical resorption of the jaw ridge, in some cases surgical procedure is required – sinus lift, sometimes also combined with the insertion of artificial bone.


Leveling jaw ridge

Very often, due to the gradual loss of teeth, unequal resorption of the jaw ridge occurs, and such irregular ridge can be a problem for the stability of the prostheses. In such cases it is necessary to surgically align the jaw ridge, in order to ensure the stability of the future prostheses.