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For successful diagnosis and successful treatment with high-quality technical support, the therapist knowledge and experience is of particular importance. Given my extensive experience in primary dental care and attendance of a number of professional training courses, I can guarantee a fast and correct diagnosis, as it is a foundation to a successful start.


Oral hygiene instructions

In order to maintain your teeth healthy, professional and thorough oral hygiene is crucial. There is an essential difference between „brushing your teeth“ and „brushing your teeth properly“. In order to understand the difference, visit my dental clinic where you will be provided with the important information regarding the question – „How to brush your teeth properly?“


Ultrasonic tartar removal

One of the very important actions in maintaining your oral cavity as well as your teeth healthy, is the tartar removal. In my dental clinic this procedure is performed in the most modern way – using the ultrasound machine which quickly and safely removes tartar deposits that can lead to serious long term problems at the level of supporting tissues in the oral cavity.


Teeth polishing

This procedure is perfomed after the tartar removal, but it is also used as an independent phase for dental diseases due to excessive consumption of colored foods and drinks, or as a result of smoking cigarettes.
It is perfomed with the polishers (toothpaste and polishing brushes and other)


Teeth jewelry


Teeth whitening

This process involves application of gel on the cleaned surface of the front teeth in the visible segment. It is absolutely harmless and as a result you will have 1-2 shades whiter teeth.


Fissure sealing

This procedure is applied on young permanent teeth with very deep fissures (cavities) on the biting surfaces. Fissures are “filled” with special type of liquid composite, in order to facilitate the cleaning and thereby prevent the occurance of caries.